I grew up hearing all the stories of the Bible. Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul, Silas and all the other heroes. My favorite is still David.

He fought and killed lions and bears when he was barley a teen. He went from being a Shepard (sat with sheep ALL DAY) to being engaged to the kings daughter, Merab, in less than 48 hours. He cut off an 8 foot giants head and ran around with it on a battle field, as if it was his trophy. He played both the victor and villain in many different stories. He was known to God as “A man after his own heart”. The dude was AWESOME, ok! A total savage and apparently very nice on the eyes when it came to the looks. The Bible never really comments on people’s appearances, unless there is something to point out, so the reader can better understand the situation.

It literally says:

“So Jesse (Davids Father) sent for him. He was dark and handsome, with beautiful eyes. And the Lord said, “This is the one; anoint him.”                          -1 Samuel 16:12

If the Bible said that about him, I’m sure he was a total babe. All joking aside, he was the Zac Efron of the day.

Point is, he had it all.

King of that time, Saul, was crazy. King Saul ordered to have David killed many times. Saul was insane because David was not only the man who was married to his daughter, but also the man who killed tens of thousands of men, for Saul. David was likened to the kings very own personal assasin. But Saul wanted him dead. The King was very jealous of David so he stupidly came to the conclusion that death was the only answer. Saul, why? Anyway…

Mikal, one of Davids wives who was also one of Sauls other daughters warned David of this, so he fled. He found a cave and hid from Sauls men there.


This week I am in California with my amazing family for an amazing conference that is so amazing I can’t say enough nice things about it.

Yesterday while I was eating the best burrito I’ve ever had in entire my life (it had steak and shrimp in it, changed my life) we were small talking it up with some dear friends. We happened to be talking about Israel and about how my parents plan to go someday and visit the magnificent “Holy Land”, walk were Jesus walked, see bethelham, and see Golgotha.

Our friends have been there and they were sharing with us some of the amazing things they learned from these places they saw

They told us something that has changed my life and the way I see a certain story forever.

They spoke of the cave in which David hid inside of, as he was hiding from Saul after he fled. They said the cave just happened to have the coolest view in the entire world.


CORSS MY HEART, NEEDLE IN MY EYE. It’s true! You can bet I researched that up!!!

That means everyday he walked around that cave, went outside to take in some air, or just wanted to be alone with God, he was starring at the place in which his greatest victory took place. *mindblown*

David was scared out of his mind, but God never let him forget what happens when you allow him to use you past your emotions.

Today is where you are made into the person you will be tomorrow.

In your vexing cave, don’t forget to check out victory valley. Be motivated by the past victories you’ve seen and walked through. Be motivated by the fact that it’s ok to be unsetleted by the unknown. It’s in the unknown where miracles happen.

David didn’t die. Saul was removed from throne later on and David took his job infact. He messed up still, fell short, he was even a TERRIBLE father. However, God still guided him daily. Stood by him through every battle, litteraly. Saw him for who he really was, and was STILL impressed by him.

You’re in the cave, but please, for your own sanity and on behalf of God, gaze at that valley from time to time. He didn’t leave you then, why would he now?

Your friend,

-Sierra Bixler

#makingJesusfamous the cave ^^^the view ^^

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